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Secretary, NYSS

Education is a social process. It is not just the preparation for life but is it is life itself. Schools are just a media to fulfill these needs. They act as a guide to enrich the student life by various learning experiences, which would help them in their future. I think Meghe Group of Schools with its efficient staff & aim to achieve better & better have tried to fulfill these needs

sagar meghe sir
devika meghe mam


Chief Advisor

Education is helping the child to realize his potentialities." Smt Devika Meghe believes that the education commences at the mothers knees, is carried on with teacher's hand and builds his life and character. It is the ability to meet life's situations and this is exactly what she is trying to do at MGS institutions. Instead of mere imparting knowledge, the MGS schools aim at virtuous actions, which are a result of right knowledge under her leadership.


Treasurer, NYSS

A nation is built only by educated & cultured youth, with determination, confidence & dedication.`` Above quote aptly fits young & dynamic Shri Sameer Meghe, Technocrat & Administrator has to adapt himself to maintain the pace with rapidly changing technology. This basic requirement has to be understood and realized for overall development. The colleges are destined to become premier medical & dental educational institutes under his determined & motivated leadership.

sammer meghe sir
vrinda meghe mam


Chief Advisor

A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible ."Smt Vrinda S Meghe is leading the MGS with a thought that school education is not preparation for life, but it is life itself. The impressive campus of MGS schools came into reality through her views, provides a backdrop for student learning of the highest caliber. Technology, music, art, physical education, theater, library, classroom and common spaces all communicate a message that learning is the core purpose and highly valued at the MGS.


Director MGS

A school is a part of society, where the children can learn social values and develop their personalities. School Of Scholars is doing exactly the same. Along with the good academic background, we are also providing various fields of activities like sports, debate, elocution, quiz, social service, picnic and education tours, which can help the future generation in their development.

abha meghe mam
ajinkya ambarkhane sir

Mr. Ajinkya Ambarkhane

Director MGS

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.' - Margaret Mead Mr. Ajinkya Ambarkhane believes that school should be a place where kids can discover what they love. These should be the places where kids learn "how to learn", and know to learn the best way. At MGS, students are provided with a technologically enabled learning environment which nurtures their curiosity and involves them in the process of their own learning.

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