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Online Future Classroom School of scholars in, Wanadongri

Google is providing a digital learning zone to teachers, students and parents in form of future classrooms to develop the 21st century skills of critical thinking, language & communication skills, collaboration and creativity and problem solving. With the introduction of Google Future Class with Chrome books, SOS Wanadongri,is helping the students experience a personalized learning environment.

In the video below a brief snapshot of how Google Future Class is integrated with a regular classroom is shown.This empowers students with the right tools to enhance their understanding of any given subject matter thus enabling them to make the most of classroom learning.



Helping students experience personalized learning environment.

24/7 Accessibility

Accessibility available on any device at anytime, anywhere.

Digital Content

Specific subject content, experiments and science videos allow teaching-learning more interesting process changing it from "Chalk & Talk" to "Interactive & Intrinsic Learning" method.

Classroom Apps

Various applications designed to help teachers create, collect and keep track of paperless assignments and provide real time feedback and grades. This also helps save paper and promotes the use of digital learning.