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Special Program-First In Math(FIM)

This is a specialised educational initiative designed to enhance and strengthen students' mathematical skills through engaging and interactive activities. It provides a platform that encourages students to practise and improve their mathematical abilities in a fun and competitive manner, with the aim of fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Special Program-First In Math
Special Program-Computational Thinking

Special Program-Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is an educational strategy that fosters problem-solving by breaking complex issues into smaller parts. It promotes logical thinking, using patterns and algorithms for solutions. This approach cultivates structured problem-solving, encouraging students to consider diverse perspectives and devise creative strategies.

TED-Ed Student Talks

TED-Ed Student Talks is a platform that empowers students to share their ideas, insights, and passions with a global audience. This initiative not only hones students communication and public speaking skills but also encourages creative thinking and the articulation of original viewpoints.

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