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At SOS school, collaboration is key – students, staff, and parents work together seamlessly to ensure the best for every child. It is spreading across the state as a top CBSE school in Wardha, Dhamangaon, and Hinganghat. National Education Policy (NEP), ensuring that education evolves dynamically. Being a top CBSE school, integrating Artificial Intelligence, prepare students for a world of innovation and technological advancements.

  • 1 Safe Transportation
  • 2 Holistic Development
  • 3 Atal Tinkering Labs
  • 4 Flipped Classrooms
  • 4 Safety and Security
  • 4 Clean School Environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How many branches of SOS school in Maharashtra?

    The School of Scholars successfully establish 20 branches across Maharashtra, India. These branches are strategically located in cities such as Nagpur, Wardha, Warud, Dhamangaon, Hinganghat, Yavatmal, Amravati, Akola, and more. Every location functions as a centre for learning, committed to delivering top-notch education and nurturing academic progress across various communities.

  • 2. What is the USP of School of Scholars?

    SOS led by a dedicated Principal, fosters motivation and support for well-rounded, and personalised learning. Coordination among students, staff, and parents ensures holistic development. SOS prioritize safety, including transportation. The school learning is aligned with the National Education Policy, the curriculum embraces AI, preparing students for innovation on transformative journey.

  • 3. What is the fees structure of SOS Wardha?

    The fee structure at SOS may differ depending on the each school guidelines, rules, regulations. Visit the official SOS school website https://schoolofscholars.edu.in and click “Mandatory Disclosure” to see the detailed chart for fee structure school wise by visiting the concerned school branch. Each branch may vary with their fees according to their school facilities and school infrastructure. The fee structure can reflect these mentioned things.

  • 4. What is online fees payment system in School of Scholars?

    The SOS make fees payment hassle free through its online payment system. Visit the official SOS school website https://schoolofscholars.edu.in, access the 'Online Fees' section. SOS streamlined the payment process allows parents and guardians to access and pay fee securely and conveniently. Enter your kid’s details and follow the instructions given for smooth admission process.

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