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Exceptional Education, Cultivating The Art

SOS Yavatmal, providing exceptional education and placing a strong emphasis on cultivating the art of learning itself. Spreading across the state as a top CBSE school in Yavatmal. Serving 23000+ students with holistic development and shaping the young minds of tomorrow. Prioritize instilling life skills and values in our students. Foster creativity, and encourage intellectual growth in CBSE school.

  • 1 Well-rounded Education
  • 2 Holistic Development
  • 3 Expert Faculty
  • 4 Blended Learning
  • 4 Safe Learning Environment
  • 4 Clean School

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How many branches of School of Scholars in Maharashtra?

    The School of Scholars have 20 branches geographically situated across Maharashtra, India. These branches are located in cities such as Nagpur, Wardha, Warud, Dhamangaon, Hinganghat, Yavatmal, Amravati, Akola, and more. Each branch serves as an educational hub, dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering academic growth within diverse communities.

  • 2. What is the USP of School of Scholars, Yavatmal?

    Since 2009, SOS Yavatmal has been known for its steady dedication to personalized education, providing each child's unique learning style. SOS prioritize equipping students with essential academic, and life skills and values, preparing them for challenges in today's dynamic digital era. The school emphasises the action and initiative to foster a culture of proactive learning, guided by the belief that every great journey begins with a single step.

  • 3. What is the fees structure of SOS Yavatmal?

    The fee structure at SOS Yavatmal may differ depending on the school rules and regulations. Visit the official SOS school website https://schoolofscholars.edu.in and click “Mandatory Disclosure” to see the detailed fee structure by visiting the specific school branch. Each branch might differ in amenities, supplementary educational provisions, and school facilities. The fee structure can reflect these disparities.

  • 4. What is online fees payment system in SOS Yavatmal?

    The SOS has secured the fee payment through its online platform. Visit the official SOS school website https://schoolofscholars.edu.in, access the 'Online Fees' section. SOS streamlined the payment process allows parents to pay fee instalments securely and conveniently online. Enter your ward's details. And follow the instructions given for a smoother admission process.

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