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School of Scholars has been organizing Young Achievers Conference over a decade of years for MGS schools. Keeping in view the holistic development of the students. To open up the hidden inquisitiveness , curiosity and scientific temperament and to provide a platform we are opening this competition for all Schools across Vidharbha from this session

Respected Sir/ Madam

We are glad to inform you that we are going to organize Students’ Led Conference - “Young Achievers" on 20"of January 2024.
Asyou are aware, this is a platform for the students to present their research papers on topics which are from Science, Technology and Engineering.

The Theme for this year's Young Achievers Conference is “Reimagining the Future”.

The paper presentation can be a miniature research activity or an experiment-based paper.
Students will have to select topics of their own choice with the help of their teachers. These topics should be related to the theme of the conference.

Suggested Sub Themes: For Senior Level

  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Development of open source framework for data sanitization
  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • Reduction in use of pesticide / fertilizers
  • Smart irrigation system development
  • System to prevent soil erosion
  • System to increase productivity of soil
  • Kitchen garden
  • Integrated farming: Pros and Cons
  • Hydrophonic farming
  • Reduction of carbon emission
  • Addressing parking problems
  • Addressing maintenance of poor quality vehicles
  • Use of electrical vehicles: Pros and Cons
  • Improvement in services for PWD (Person with Disabilities)
  • Addressing side effects of Covid-19 treatments
  • Disposal of e-waste
  • Management of waste food
  • Eco friendly material
  • System for Reduction in global warming
  • Use of electrical vehicles: Pros and Cons
  • Biomass: How useful it is!
  • Reduction in use of pesticide / fertilizers
  • Smart irrigation system development
  • System to prevent soil erosion
  • System to increase productivity of soil
  • Kitchen garden
  • Integrated farming: Pros and Cons
  • Hydrophonic farming

The suggested heads for the paper presentation are as follows:

Title of the project / paper


Research design or experiment set up

Method/s used to perform the experiment.

Research place [school or home]

Research instruments / data collected (Material used)

Graphical or diagrammatic representation of the data collected.

Analysis of the data = Write up, findings and conclusions.

Application = Errors during experiments



The students will be divided in TWO groups.

Junior Group includes Classes VI, VII & VIII

Senior Group includes Classes IX, X, XI & XII

Each school should send two entries. However, the entries can be from any of the TWO groups (Junior & Senior). Best entries will be selected for presentation. (Entries in each category compulsory for MGS)

The students must follow certain criteria during their miniature research activity.

[A research-based paper is expected original views and analysis to be encouraged]

Title of the paper should be unique and specific to the content of each paper.

Students will select their experiments or models according to the hypothesis chosen.

Students will gather data according to their planned experiments and graphical representation of the data will be done under the guidance of their teacher.

Presentation may be complimented with actual photographs if required.

Conclusion to be given based on the observation, data interpretation and designed experiments.

Entries to be sent in soft in the Young Achievers’ website or hard copy [printed on A4 size paper] can be submitted to school coordinator.

The paper should be of maximum 4 pages, in Times New Roman font, size — 12, page number to be indicated at the bottom.

Presentation on original ideas will be desirable.

Maximum 2 students can be involved in one project.

Total time allotted for each presentation will be 10 minutes.7 Minutes for Paper Presentation and 3 Minutes for Question answers.

Presentation should be accompanied by PPT. (Maximum 15 slides)

Guide teacher's name to be mentioned on the presentation.

Last date of receiving the research paper is on or before 10" November 2023 (5:00 pm).

Entries after the said date will not be considered.

If your paper is selected for presentation then you have to pay Rs. 200/- per team by 30" November 2023 (3:00 pm) either online at or directly to the school office between 11:00 am to 3pm on working days.

Papers will be sent back to the schools with corrections and recommendations, if any. Schools are expected to do the needful before the final presentation.

For further queries revert to

The program will be live on Social Media and a zoom link will be shared with the participants.

The details of the online will be sent later.

The entries to be sent via email to

Online session will be arranged, date and time will be conveyed in due course of time. For other details visit our website

Attractive Prizes will be there for winners.

Time-Line Young Achievers 2023 - 24

Date Activity
10.10.23 Last date for submission of participation list with subject by each school
10.11.23 Last date for submission of final papers
30.11.23 Last date for reviewed papers to be reverted by the team.
10.12.23 Last date for submission of corrected and revised papers
20.01.24 The Event


Mr. Vishal Dugad: 9890934551
Mrs. Deepa Sharma: 8208193960

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