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Why We Encourage Extracurricular Activities

At SOS, we believe in shaping a future-ready generation through an exciting mix of extracurricular activities. We encourage students to explore diverse pursuits from robotics to dance, art and music to sports. These activities foster creativity, physical fitness, teamwork, discipline and perseverance - skills essential for becoming leaders of the future.



Through coding, AI learning & STEM exploration, we introduce an interactive and fun way to develop essential skills. With early exposure to robotics, children gain a competitive edge for the digital future


Vedic Maths

Derived from ancient Indian scriptures, this is a simple and efficient approach to math. It teaches them faster calculations, tricks & shortcuts, mental calculation, simplifies complex math problems & improves problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning.

Guitar, Keyboard & Tabla

Music education nurtures creative intelligence while fostering teamwork, self-expression & stress management skills. Children gain valuable skills applicable in academic, social & professional settings, gearing them up for success in the ever-evolving world ahead

Kathak-Bharatnatyam image

Kathak, Bharatnatyam & Western Dance

These cultivate versatility, creativity, cultural understanding, physical fitness, confidence & collaboration skills. This makes children future-ready while connected to their heritage

Karate & Taekwondo

Martial arts equip children with self-defence skills, discipline, focus & physical fitness. Children learn to set goals, follow instructions & persevere through challenges. These qualities transfer to academic and professional settings, enhancing their ability to stay motivated and achieve success.


Skating, Basketball, Cricket and Futsal

Engaging in outdoor activities such as cricket, basketball, and skating extends beyond physical exercise, fostering a holistic development that encompasses both physical and mental aspects. They encourage teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking, imparting valuable life skills that extend well beyond the playing field.

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