Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Welcome to the School of Scholars, where we believe in revolutionizing education through competency-based learning. Our innovative teaching methodology puts students at the center of their learning journey, focusing on developing their educational competencies to thrive in the modern world.


Flipped Classroom

At SOS, the flipped classroom approach is used, allowing students to watch pre-recorded video lectures or read materials prior to class. During class time, students participate in interactive discussions and problem-solving activities, providing them with a deeper understanding of the material, collaborative learning experiences, and personalized instruction from their teachers.


Project Based Learning

Project based learning is an approach that allows students to delve deep into real-world challenges and topics, making their learning more meaningful and relevant. By working on projects, students actively construct knowledge, applying concepts from various subjects to solve authentic problems. These projects encourage students to take ownership of their learning journey, encouraging self-direction and autonomy.

Co-Operative Learning

Co-Operative learning is a teaching and learning strategy that encourages students to work together in small groups to achieve common goals. It promotes active engagement, critical thinking, and effective communication, preparing our scholars for success in their future endeavors. Through cooperative learning, students learn to appreciate diverse perspectives, respect each other's ideas, and develop a sense of responsibility towards their peers' progress.



Actionable gamification is a key component of School of Scholars' approach. Unlike mere superficial rewards, actionable gamification presents tangible challenges and goals that students can conquer to progress further. These challenges are thoughtfully designed to align with the academic syllabus, ensuring that students remain focused on their educational objectives while having fun along the way.

Problem Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Unlike traditional teaching methods, where students passively absorb information, PBL puts them at the center of the learning process. Our educators present students with real-world challenges that require deep analysis and creative thinking to solve. By engaging with these complex problems, students develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and learn to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios.

Competency Based Learning

Competency-based education (CBE) lies at the core of our teaching philosophy. Unlike traditional methods, CBE focuses on mastering specific skills and knowledge rather than just completing a set number of hours in a classroom. Our esteemed faculty members are well-versed in competency-based teaching techniques, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance.

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